Induction of President Marie-louise Lees 

President Patsy Johnson inducted Marie-louise Lees as the 2017/18 President of the Rotary Club of Gawler at a well-attended dinner at Sandy Creek on June 26th.
Gawler Rotarians were joined by partners, families, friends and representatives from neighbouring Rotary Clubs and other Service Clubs.  One of the guests was 2017/18 District 950 District Governor, Peter Schaefer from the Rotary Club of Alice Springs.

During the evening, Paul Harris Fellowship Awards were made to Secretary Kathy Heinrich, Foundation/International Service Director Rebecca Rigano and Service and Community Director Marion Noack. 

In her report, President Patsy outlined the year’s highlights and thanked everyone for their support.

Special presentations were made to PP Dean Sims and Jessie and PP Peter Nettelbeck and Judy who are retiring from Active Membership.  Dean was inducted on July 6th 1970 and Peter on March 15th 1971.  As his swansong, Peter auctioned a humble can of beetroot for the amazing price of $70. Pictures and videos of the night can be found here.

President Marie-louise Lees and Past President Patsy Johnson

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